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Using chatbots to improve customer service

As the use of technology in our everyday lives continues to surge, automating customer service is becoming increasingly popular. Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence (AI) software that can be used to facilitate communication between businesses and customers. This technology has been around...
Is Inbound Marketing Worth the Effort - TIQ Digital - Amit Sharma

Is Inbound Marketing Worth the Effort?

Are you considering investing in inbound marketing but not sure if it’s worth your time and effort? You’re not alone! This blog is here to help you decide if inbound marketing is the route for you, by presenting the facts and examining all the pros and cons. So buckle up and prepare to l...
Southeast Asia Digital Growth Economy 2022

South-East Asia Digital Growth Economy 2022

Southeast Asia (SEA) has witnessed a decade of new possibilities in the growth of its digital economy. The digital economy in the region is recovering quickly towards a bright future. Let’s try to get some insights from this article about the e-Economy rise in Southeast Asia and the opportunit...