Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports act as a link between an organization and its customers enabling a two-way flow of information. It covers various factors such as Political, Environmental, Social & Technological among others.

Research report and recommendations involve designing research, collection of data, analysis of the data and reporting of the findings and provide the way forward.

TIQ provides interactive reports that include graphical representations, data simplifications, summaries, and creative presentations.

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Our range of Market Research Reports Includes

Overview of the Market


Market analysis is an investment for organisations to gather all the essential information . We at TIQ provide a measurable market analysis reports that helps businesses in obtaining in-depth insights into shifts in the economy, competitors, demographics, and the traits of customers’ expenditure.

Identifying Industry Trends

 TIQ delivers industry specific media insights and trend reports for successful planning and implementation of marketing strategies. Some industries we cover include professional services (accounting, law & private equity), real estate, online learning, healthcare, manufacturing.

Brand Awareness, Perceptions & Strength

Effective brands that yield high ROI attract and indulge their customers by providing customised content. By Measuring Brand Awareness, Perceptions & Strength we help you understand your target audiences ‘ purchase behaviour, attitudes and values that affect actual sales.

Market Opportunity Quantification

If the market opportunity is attractive enough for you to be able to build a successful business upon, you have to quantify and describe the size, value, and growth of the addressable market.TIQ makes it easier to prioritize which problem to solve first and help you quantify your market.

Online Market Surveys

Ever wonder why a market research survey is so important for your business? Since the web and mobile technology have made it possible to reach people on the go, marketing surveys are a perfect tool to take on your customers’ pulse. We can help you with a market survey to design effective business improvement strategies that will boost your sales. 

Competitor Profiling

Competitor profiling is one way of getting valuable insight into the competition and therefore plays an important role in your strategic decision-making. As part of the competition analysis, competitor profiling influences pricing, competing differences, and marketing strategy. At TIQ,  we believe decision-making should be fact based rather than assumption based.

Competitive Intelligence

TIQ empowers businesses  to make impactful decisions with the fact-based and real-time competitive intelligence, such as industry trends, competitor campaigns, new launches, product innovations, etc.  We at TIQ deliver a proactive understanding of your competitive intelligence from both qualitative and quantitative market studies.

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