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We work with Law Firms working in all verticals including
Corporate Commercial, Corporate Secretarial, Data Protection, Dispute Resolution, Gaming & Sports and many more!
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Solo Practitioner

  1. Enhance online visibility (reach more than 3 million potential audience)
  2. Attract 10% of potential clients actively seeking legal services 
  3. Establish credibility and authority in your field
  4. Increase website traffic and engagement by 5X
  5. Drive more leads and conversions for your practice by 3X
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Medium-Sized Law Firms

  1. Improve online visibility and brand recognition (reach more than 5 million potential audience)
  2. Attract a larger pool of potential clients searching for legal services (15%)
  3. Thought Leadership to establish authority within the legal industry
  4. Increase website traffic and lead generation 7X
  5. Enhance competitive edge in the market and get more leads 4X
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Large Law Firms

  1. Elevate online presence to reflect the firm’s stature and expertise
  2. Attract high-value corporate clients and institutions seeking legal counsel
  3. Solidify the firm’s reputation as a leading authority in various legal specialties
  4. Expand global reach and visibility across multiple jurisdictions
  5. Enhance brand recognition and credibility among industry peers

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Law Firms Marketing Guide 2024

‘In the dynamic realm of legal marketing, digital strategies stand as the linchpin, orchestrating the trajectory of client engagement and paving the path to enduring success in 2024 and beyond’
Mr. Amit Sharma
Law Firm Marketing Expert
TIQ Digital

What to Anticipate in the Report?

  1. Insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the legal marketing landscape.
  2. Practical strategies tailored to the business of lawyers/attorneys
  3. Guidance on leveraging AI tools and technology to streamline marketing efforts and maximize ROI.
  4. Case studies and success stories from top-performing law firms, providing real-world examples of effective marketing strategies.
  5. Expert advice on implementing marketing campaigns.
90% of law firms now invest in digital marketing
62% of potential clients turn to online resources
Law firms that maintain an active blog on their website generate 55% more website visitors,

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