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Capital Project Supply Market Analysis and Data Transformation

Digital transformation

What is Data Transformation?

The process of changing data from one format to another, usually from that of a source system into that needed by a destination system, is known as data transformation. Most data integration and management operations, including data wrangling and data warehousing, include some type of data transformation.

What is Capital Markets?

Savings and investments are transferred between providers of goods and services and those in need on capital markets. Banks and investors are common examples of suppliers, who are individuals or organisations having capital to lend or invest.


  1. Detailed Report and Data Gathering
  2. Better Connectivity b/w Dept
  3. Archives of Historic Data and Library
  4. Decision Making Live Updates
  5. Robust Future Network
  6. Prediction & Reporting



Analysis 1: A deeper understanding of the Capital market, Market Research

Result: Improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of data collection

Output: More Reliable Prediction & Reporting


Analysis 2: Digitization and Data flow Connection into their system

Result: Live and Updated information

Output: Turnaround time of Decision making was reduced