Automation & AI

Automation & AI

Our entertainment choices, the products we browse and purchase online, our preferred routes of transportation, and even the news and information we interact with, are all influenced more often by AI. 


Unlock new sources of revenue, build unique competitive advantages, and achieve operational excellence with TIQ’s unique Automation & AI strategies.


We implement advanced methods that allow businesses to automate and optimize tasks across the marketing spectrum.

Assess robust methods
for generating new business.

We offer pragmatic solutions and deliver the following services of Automation & AI

Improve customer segmentation with AI

Historically companies have been spending massively on market research to identify their ideal target market segments. AI is now assisting decision makers to re-design segmentation strategies and deliver profitable segments in a dynamic way.

AI will help you to rank your audience by attractiveness and match your organizations strength to opportunities in the marketplace. 

Optimizing message delivery & Customization

With send-time optimization customize the delivery time of future outreach. Adapt to the individual channel usage pattern and schedules. Makes your messaging harder to miss with our customized automation services. TIQ helps you stand out with personalized message delivery and increase engagement by 25%.

Multi channel marketing campaigns using AI

TIQ with help of AI can deliver behavioural analysis reports which prioritize sales and builds a comprehending relationship with each customer. We offer a coherent combination of direct and indirect communication channels to entice customers choice.

Campaign Automation via email, social media & SMS

Automation helps organisations to enable a self-reliant marketing strategy. Content production, content curation and content scheduling can be automated to provide in depth consumer insights. TIQ enables businesses to create an interactive automation campaign based on prospects’ or users’ behaviour.

Multi-step Campaign Automation

Creating an automated journey for your customers is a time-consuming task which requires experience & resources. Modern AI methods tend to focus on breaking a problem into minutely isolated, and well-defined objectives and solving them one at a time. At, TIQ we help you to set up a multi-step flow in a personalized and relevant way that helps your customer’s journey much more easier and reliable.

Transform your Business with Automation & AI