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Enhance your customer experience and take automation to the next level with Ai – powered solutions.


Meet and Hire Your New Ai Powered Employees

Meet Brian – Leads  Generation Specialist

With verified leads enrichment, you can make informed decisions, increase conversion rates, and maximize your sales and marketing efforts. I can run effective email and paid campaigns with the audience that best fits your demand.

I like analyzing the latest  industry and people’s intent signals like job updates, requirement requests posted on different communities, and interaction in groups. 

I am trained with capabilities like assisting you with lead generation, qualifying leads, scheduling appointments, and much more.

Meet Sarah – Social Media Expert

I can help you implement the right SMM strategy. With my training in Social Media platform algorithms and learning about engaging content, I can help you build a brand.

My key capabilities like SEO-friendly blogs, SMM posts scheduling, Paid campaigns, interacting with communities, and generating plagiarism-free content are way beyond your expectations .

Other CHAT-GPT Powered Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions

ChatGPT can be integrated into e-commerce platforms to assist customers with product recommendations, order tracking, and other related inquiries.

Content Automation

Automate sales and marketing content generation with capabilities like SEO-friendly blogs, SMM posts, removal of Ai stamp, unique and plagiarism-free content.

Customer Support Automation

Integrate customer service chatbots that can handle a variety of customer queries and provide personalized responses.

Chatbot Development

Integrate ChatGPT in communication platforms to enhance collaboration, improve customer service, and provide multilingual support.

Meet Kelly, TIQ’s Virtual Avatar. 

Kelly is a cutting-edge digital avatar designed to assist businesses in their sales and marketing campaigns.
By leveraging this digital avatar in their campaigns, businesses can enhance customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and drive sales with a touch of personalization and innovation.


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Optimize Operations: AI for Smarter Business Management

TIQ ChatGPT versus Non ChatGPT Business Solutions Comparison table

We can Integrate and Implement for
Leading Platforms and Technology Stacks

Social media chatgpt powered solutions
Social media chatgpt powered solutions

Words of Delight: Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

“Their chatgpt solutions have revolutionized our operations, automating repetitive tasks and boosting efficiency like never before.”
Emily Johnson
Managing Director
"The optimization power of Ai solutions has transformed our business, driving cost savings and delivering superior customer experiences. Thanks TIQ!”
Jennifer Roberts
CEO, Finance Industry
“Stop looking for another solution! Amit's personal approach to deep dive into our business and extract the exact process to automate is something really amazing!”
Shiva K.
Partner, Fintech Industry
“Highly recommend Mohit and TIQ team for their approach to implement new processes across verticals to improve accuracy, reduced errors, and enhanced overall performance across our organization through their solutions”
Founder - Global Fintech Firm
“I have a small business, and I wanted new clients. Brian's Funnnel generation through Ai is amazing as it gives me regular leads and helps me expand at a lower cost.”
Joseph Stern
Owner - Medical Practitioner
“Sarah is a total game changer! I never imagined that I can do something like this. Just saw such things in SciFi movies. I am able to get such fantastic things done through her which I was earlier not able to do directly via Chatgpt or other frenzy of Ai tools in the market. Also all of them gave such small trials that I could not experiment. Sarah Thumbs Up.”
Emily Mathew
Owner & Founder

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By leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT and other Ai tools in conjunction, businesses can automate processes, improve customer experiences, gain valuable insights, and optimize marketing efforts, ultimately driving growth and achieving their marketing goals.