The gaming industry is on the rise and gamers come from every corner of life, irrespective of their age group and location. The gaming sector has been largely considered as a playground for dreamers and is not confined to a certain group of people anymore.

Today there are many types of games, ranging from online to digital downloads, games for free, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile games.

Structured Global Marketing of these games is a challenge that the gaming industry is finding difficult to overcome. The number of users is growing on various platforms every day and the endless choice of games and the constant need to distinguish themselves from other games has become essential.

The gaming industry is considered to be one of the most exciting industries in tech because of its importance to culture, entertainment, and innovation. PC, console and mobile gaming companies are using the latest in tech to bring their games to the screens of more than two billion people all over the globe. The biggest challenge now is how the gaming industry can maximize brand visibility?

SEO in Gaming Industry 

With a new generation of interactive games making their mark on the players, gaming sites and apps have become one of the primary sources of entertainment worldwide. With the expansion of the gaming industry, SEO for gaming sites has seen a surge in demand.

With so many different genres of games, different system requirements, and many more elements, it is imperative to determine the type of gaming site as the first step. Different niches of gaming require different approaches to SEO.

Gaming sites majorly consist of gaming-related content like portals, gaming blogs, rulebooks, tips & tricks, and many more things that set the stage for SEO. The online gaming community is very particular about the gaming content they want to access, and this process helps in capturing the right target audience for your gaming site or gaming app.

The general principles of SEO also apply to gaming sites. This is to improve the quantity and quality of traffic on your website through organic results. Focusing on unique content, knowing what drives your users, and integrating specific keywords are all important strategies.

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3  Major Marketing Challenges the Gaming Industry  Faces

Understanding where the problem lies is one of the best ways forward. In order to create a marketing strategy, you need to understand some of the prevailing challenges. Here are some of the major challenges to take note of –

 1. Convenience over scale and size  

Game developers go through a lot to deliver just the right amount of design features to match their pricing. People are now opting for games that are cheaper and more convenient. Developers continue to fight the issue of right size titles. This is as much as choosing games that are more convenient to them, rather than putting so much on the size and scale of the game.

 2. Dynamic Player Habits  

As years go by, clearly there is an increase in the number of casual consumers. They are increasingly fragmenting across platforms and devices and becoming more and more tricky. This makes their needs, interests, and styles a bit tricky to satisfy. Players can squeeze in a few minutes to play games on their phones or, at other times, sit down and enjoy games on their consoles. Reaching out and addressing these habits on multiple devices is an important issue to resolve.

 3. Gamers and fans are more informed  

Growth of social networks, websites, access to user reviews, and word of mouth. They all played a part in making the demographic game more informed than ever before. It is not easy to measure how much information about a product can travel. If users find that your game is below average, the word will go around in just a few minutes, and that’s it.  If a rival developer decides to go ahead and release a similar but better game, you’re done. It is therefore important that marketing professionals in the gaming industry get their game up. They need to focus more on exciting, engaging, and empowering end-users to capture the dynamics of the population.

How can modern digital marketing find its way into the gaming industry? 

The Word called “Mobile” 

51% of global gaming industry revenue is contributed by mobile gaming. The mobile gaming market is huge and waiting to be tapped in the correct way. A best-in-class marketing company can help you build brand awareness more quickly if you choose to target the mobile gaming market.

Video Marketing 

Video Marketing is a boom in the current scenario. The engagement video content attracts everyone and it has the potential to influence consumers more than any other type of content.

The increasing number of game streaming channels on Twitch, YouTube shows the growing importance of video content in the gaming industry. Newbies, aspiring gamers, and champions have been watching gaming videos for hours, either polishing their skills or just for the sheer thrill of watching them. They tend to watch their favourite gaming influencers and follow them for tips and tricks.

Power of WORDS 

Sharing your games on gaming boards like TouchArcade and GameFAQs is a sound way to spread the word. Let the audience have a feel for your game. Ask for the feedback, and use negative feedback to make some improvements to your game.

Women Power 

It’s not surprising that 45 percent of gamers are women. Women players are not limited to card games, RPGs, and other theme-oriented games. They don’t tend to stick to certain targetted genres and are open to trying out new games. Companies can leverage this to reach a broad audience.

Brand Integrity 

A significant percentage of gamers are known to develop an emotional connection to such brands, and this can significantly influence their decisions about which brand to choose. You could very well be partnering with some of those great influencers to extend the emotional connection to your target audience. New game releases are adopted easily by your early adopters.


Just like marketing in other industries, marketing in the gaming industry involves everyone who is connected to the brand. You can be more inclusive regarding the audience, breaking the stereotypes, and conceive of games and characters that cater to a wider audience. Every game should target to uphold your identity as a brand, and you can win hearts.

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