There are billions of web pages on identical topics but we only see 07-10 of them in a search result, ever wondered where the other billion web pages are? They are drained down in the hell hole of Google and other search engines. The reason for such an ill-fate is solely based on the poor SEO score on the web pages. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the measure through which you can calculate the score of your web pages and as a whole for the websites. This score decides whether the web page is doomed or blessed. Optimizing the structure of a website is indeed the most crucial part of the web development process.


Below are the secrets of SEO to save you from this gruesome tragedy.


First of all, What is SEO?

Modern search engines come with complex algorithms which make sure that websites with high organic ranking can excel and acquire the number one position of a search result. You can win this race with a high SEO score.

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Why website structure is important?

The answer is simple and probably you must have guessed it, for improved user engagement. If you have a good website structure then your user experience must be great which means you have high user engagement. This furthermore results in increased businesses for the brand.


How to achieve a high SEO score by Website structuring?

Now in short answer to the main question is by making the foundation strong. Just like everything in the world, websites must also have a rigid and unbending foundation. And how to lay the required base is given below:



The first and foremost way to achieve that is through planning out the hierarchy of the website structure. A site hierarchy is a way to organize web pages in a website. In a nutshell, the website must be simple and easy to navigate so that users do not get lost and have trouble-free access to all the pages through links.


Few things to keep in mind while building a hierarchy:

  1. Flat – Flat Hierarchy makes it easier for Google and other search engines to reach every one of your pages.
  2. Logical- Remember your structure represents information and it will only make sense if it is organized logically.
  3. Categorized- You need to make proper categories as well as sub-categories of web pages and make sure to keep it bare minimum otherwise, it results in chaos.

Clear URLs for navigation

Compatible URLs are essential for site navigation, it benefits more if you keep them in a logical arrangement.


It helps in two ways:


  1. Users can easily configure their location on your site.
  2. Google likes to have insight on pages in a website that will eventually help in marketing.

Main navigation pages in the header

Create a header catalog for navigation pages that makes it easier for the users to travel from one page to another with a single click. We should also make sure that the navigation menu corresponds with a header to avoid confusion and complication.


Consistent navigation structure

While creating a navigation structure make sure it is not disorderly and complicated. The navigation structure should always be shallow in-depth, which highlights only important pages. A complex structure may result in the loss of salient web pages with highly important information.


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Effective internal linking structure

Internal linking is the skeleton of the website. The logical structure provides easy navigation through pages for users. They can establish an information hierarchy for better understanding.



The most important step for SEO is the formation of site structure. As structure makes navigation easy and results in a higher user experience. The number of users interacting with the page is how you achieve organic traffic. So, make sure whenever you start designing or redesigning a website, construction of site structure must be your foundation step.


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