The connection between great ideas and clients has never been shorter. There is significantly more fluidity in the global market than it was two decades ago. We now encounter new business models, and technological advancement forming a new economic paradigm– The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has profound implications on how we do business, and on how we use and create a consumer base driven by communication and connectivity. What this means is small Businesses and established enterprises have a level playing feed due to the democratization of access to marketing tools. 


In this blog, we cover all of the best tools, resources, and features that can help you grow your game into the future. We emphasize how you can leverage the Facebook family of apps for your businesses. 


Why you want your business to be in the Facebook family of apps? 

Here are some mind-boggling statistics for your consideration. There are around 7.7 billion people on earth, out of which 3.8 billion people have access to the internet. 2.7 billion use some Facebook family of apps(referred to FFA). That’s more than 70% of the population!


Businesses use these massive outreach platforms to connect with and inspire customers through marketing and brand awareness. When your business has its information on FFA, it can use its audience to expand into the community and become a part of it. In this way, businesses can be a better part of the community through new marketing tools that will make a much better and more successful presence in your community and the surrounding areas of social media.


Facebook has made it very simple for small businesses to engage with their customers and extend their networks. To promote your brand on FFA, you can use apps like Facebook(100 million business pages), Instagram(200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily)  & WhatsApp (50 million business profiles) These incredible advertising mega giants are the perfect way to boost your SEO and increase traffic to your website.  This is powerful because it helps you identify your customers – those who are interested in your products and in your service – show up on your page.


What can you do to establish your business presence to nearly 3 billion people?

– Discover, Consider, Transact, Engage 


Here are some of the brilliant types of paid advertisements you can use to uplift and place your brand among its followers. Facebook offers advertising revenue to your business at a rate of around 18% of sales.


Facebook- The world’s largest photo-sharing community.


  1. Post Engagement Facebook Ads-  Drive Engagement( likes comments & shares) to a defined audience.
  2. Video Facebook Ads– Educate, inspire, or entertain your audience about your product or service. 
  3. Carousel Facebook  Ads-  Product demos, product highlights, promotion announcement, testimonials, storytelling
  4. Lead Generation Facebook Ads-  Newsletter sign-ups, demo requests, job applications, or event registration.
  5. Collection Facebook Ads- Mini online store, multi-product display, Instant experience
  6. Slideshow Facebook Ads-  USP optimization, product options, demo products
  7. Event Response Facebook Ads- Increase attendee registration, sell tickets, or boost brand awareness.

Facebook is the king of social sharing and messaging.


Instagram– Capture and share the world’s moment

  1. Stories Instagram Ads- Dominate the viewer’s screen, minimizing distractions, and catch people in a highly personal space
  2. Photo Instagram Ads- Oldest Ad format, Deal vouchers, competitions, events, and landing page links.
  3. Video Instagram Ads-  Brand awareness and promote content like webinars or courses, traditional product ads, offers, and walkthroughs
  4. Instagram Carousel Ads- unique story,  aspects of a single product or service, synchronized & unified brand series
  5. Collection Instagram Ads-  eCommerce, product discoverability, clone audience
  6. Explore Instagram Ads- New audiences, brand awareness, high engagement

Instagram is a fun, visual, friendly, and highly social platform 


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Whatsapp– WhatsApp is a great retail place, especially during remote times. Even if you are not going to build a WhatsApp chatbot, there are many great tools for your business in WhatsApp for Business. 

  • Business Profile- A business profile gives the company a familiar “face” and identity. 
  • Quick Replies- Save and reuse messages for FAQs
  •  Automatic Greeting Message- Introduce a company to a new potential customer with no delays and waiting time. 
  • Automatic Away Message-send a custom message to people who are trying to connect the company after your working hours
  • Contacts Labels- organize your contacts and categorize them with labels for easy access.
  • Message Statistics- access vital metrics like how many of your messages were sent, delivered, and read.
  • Catalogs- Showcase your goods so people could easily browse and check out products
  • Interactive Business Message- CTA: by clicking this button, the user would be redirected to a particular webpage or make a call, Quick reply: allows users to answer with the predefined options without having to type in the answer manually
  • Facebook Shops Integration-Linking your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook shop gives you the option to have customers who visit your shop send you a message through the WhatsApp Business app.
  • WhatsApp Payments in India-To send money on WhatsApp in the country, it’s important to have a bank account and debit card in India

Facebook’s family of apps(FFA) lets you harness the power of synchronized connectivity. 

Facebook is expanding, adding new features that make it easier for everyone to connect, make and share content, and have it available on FFA. In fact, Facebook’s apps offer an extraordinary, flexible array of ways to make people-focused connections.  With Facebook, you can quickly build relationships with other people, share photos, videos, messages and stories, and stay in touch with your community. 


What are the benefits of integrating Facebook services into your business website:

Facebook is unique in the way the platform is so deeply integrated with third-party technology. This makes it extremely easy to integrate Facebook web 2.0 features into your website or blog.


Here are 5 Facebook-specific plugins and features that you should use for WordPress

  1. Social Snap
  2. WP Social comments
  3. Shared counts
  4. RafflePress
  5. Pixel Cat

Facebook advertising will significantly increase your conversion rate by attracting potential new customers to your business.


Learn more about how Technocratiq Digital can assist you with Facebook’s new business applications today- now that we’re moving deeper into the Facebook Platform to help organizations move more and do more better. Join thousands of businesses that are already reaching millions of consumers through Facebook.