Trivial marketing budgets, bungling Internet marketing strategies, and lack of owners’ marketing knowledge are the primary reasons for business failures in 2021.


Most business owners now agree that the Internet, social media, and relationship marketing are three critical aspects to the success of any business. The jewellery business is witnessing a new channel landscape for hybrid consumption involving fast fashion changes. Jewellery businesses globally now have plans to implement a mix of international marketing strategies to compete with the biggest jewellery groups worldwide. Jewellery now comes in various shapes and forms including the most popular diamonds and gold, to more exclusive options like 3-D printed. This blog overviews some fundamental strategies business leaders can adopt to escalate profits. 


Internet marketing strategies

“The implementation of the Internet marketing strategies enables marketers to advertise anytime and to reach larger audiences” (Richard & Habibi, 2016).


In the current era of fast-paced technological developments and a colossal shift towards digitization due to the outbreak, internet marketing tools like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing has opened up the business world in an unprecedented fashion. Now businesses do not need to shell out millions of dollars to be seen or heard by the customers. Small Businesses have opportunities to ethically scale up their business. 


Some other popular internet marketing strategies for the jewelry business are PPC marketing & the most hyped Influencer marketing.


Even though the difficulty of measuring the rate of online marketing investment returns is a primary obstacle that hinders the online presence of business owners, we at TIQ digital are assisting clients on different tools of internet marketing every single day. 


Social media marketing strategies

“Marketing planner, resource allocator, customer relationship manager, price and products manager, and data collector are just a few examples of small business owners’ roles in their companies” (O’Donnell, 2014)


The three key desires of social media marketing for a business are to reach business leads, build traffic, and increase brand awareness. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest are great social platforms to increase the exposure of your jewelry brand. To explore different types of Advertisement campaigns check out our previous blog on the Facebook family of apps. 


Here are some ways social media can help your Jewelry Business 

  • Regular informative & promotional posts
  • Maintain proactive response (for qualified leads)
  • Pre-Launch Campaign (leads to new collections, seasonal offerings)
  • Post-Launch Campaign (leads to storytelling, testimonial)
  • Event promotion (leads to brand recall)
  • Group promotion (leads to awareness, branding)
  • Special authentic moments like marriages, anniversaries, bridal moments, Puja stories, and short videos (leads to engagement & branding), 
  • Maintain exclusivity & unified brand image on all social pages (leads to increasing genuine followers)

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Brand Building Strategies 

“Small business owners and marketers use branding as the most significant business strategy tool to create customer value and to maintain a competitive advantage” (Mogos Descotes & Pauwels-Delassus, 2015).


There are a vast number of factors that profoundly impact customers, including their attitudes, confessed values, and the environments in which they live. We at TIQ, define brand as a valuable growing asset that builds consumer loyalty, drives future demand for company products, and ensures future cash flows. The brand is a quintessential reputational asset for all types of businesses, and strong brand management more than often results in retaining customers because they might easily recall both the company and its products. 


Here are Some Brand Building Activities which apply to jewelry businesses 

  1. Brand Persona & Brand Personality –  Collection of personality traits, attitudes and values that your brand showcases on a regular basis.
  2. Brand Positioning- Description of your target market that also includes a holistic picture of how you’d like your brand to be perceived by customers.
  3. Tag Line Logo- Three- to seven-word phrase that accompanies your logo.
  4. Email Signature- Personalized block of text with branded elements. 
  5. Packaging- A stand-out feature that enhances the consumers’ perception of the brand like environmentally friendly materials.  

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Customer relationship management marketing strategies 

“Electronic word-of-mouth (e-WOM) encompasses any positive or negative comment addressed through potential, actual, or past customers about a product or organization that is accessible to some people and organizations through the Internet”(Krishna & Schwarz, 2014).


The jewelry market is one of the largest consumer sectors in In India- larger than telecom, automobiles, and apparel and perhaps second only to the foods sector. Quality, Commitment, Understanding, and Trust are foundations for creating strong relationship marketing. Business owners achieve long-term, sustainable success, and brand loyalty by creating outstanding business-to-business (B2B) relationships. Moreover, establishing paramount relationships with customers creates a positive brand reputation and develops sales and profits. 


All business owners and marketers must learn to allow consumers to have an active role to build a mutually beneficial relationship and to participate in the creation of marketing communication activities. CRM in 2021 involves technology, software, inbound and outbound marketing, lead acquisitions, databases, multi touch points and multi channel marketing. 


Here are some of the best  CRM solutions for Jewelry businesses 

1. Best for Small business CRM- Zoho 

2. Best for growing business CRM- Salesforce 

3. Best free CRM- Hubspot

4. Best Jewellery specific CRM- Jewels CRM


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Some of the other popular marketing techniques Jewelry businesses can perform include influencer marketing, email marketing & Online Reputation Management. Digital marketing strategies for jewelry brands contain numerous possibilities of both organic and paid visitors. The world is your oyster due to the wide range of creative campaigns and ads you can incorporate into your strategies.  It is time to leverage the power of going digital and grow your business! Contact Technocratiq Digital to gift your business the wings to grow in this decade.