CRM & ERP Solutions

CRM & ERP Solutions

Increasing revenues and sustaining customer satisfaction are the raison d'etre of every business. Synchronizing information from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Employee Resource Planning) applications allows businesses to automate and streamline tedious processes.

TIQ CRM & ERM solutions increase productive use of customer data and customer management processes. Our ERP solution services range from managing the ERP system, upgrades, implementation, configurations, migrations, maintenance, and support and security-related services. Our CRM expertise covers configuring, implementing, customizing, and supporting the leading CRM technologies to engage more customers and drive better sales and business results.

Our range of CRM & ERP Solutions Includes

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The requirements should be documented, actionable, measurable, traceable, related to your business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail study. At TIQ we perform a detailed analysis of the requirements that provides a holistic view of the desired end-product or service.


It is a crucial decision to make for every business when it comes to choosing the right tool. At TIQ we provide flexible, scalable, secure solutions for ERP and CRM and a custom selection of software recommendations based on your feature needs, which helps you automate business processes and increase ROI.

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Implement and
Customize CRM

At TIQ, we understand that Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship are critical business areas and a CRM implementation has to be seamless, unified, and structured to add value to all three aspects. TIQ has expertise in customizing the CRM as per the client’s specific and unique requirements.

Upload and Migration of Data

Moving confidential data between systems can be a complicated and intimidating process. We understand the complexities of data and the importance of protecting its integrity. Make real progress with your data with a team of experts by your side. Whether you’re uploading , our experts can create and execute standard operating procedures that are aligned with your business objectives.

Backup and

Support and Maintenance have been considered one of the most important phases after the implementation of ERP systems. We offer user-oriented ERP and CRM support to our clients to resolve the problem areas that might hamper the normal functioning of the ERP and CRM system. We don’t only assist you in gaining stability in your business but also help you in attaining a remarkable reduction in cost in the long run.

Customised CRM & ERP Solution (Cloud/Premise)

ERP and CRM are the innovation building blocks for any enterprise no matter its size or industry domain. While ERP is useful in keeping the business process organized and on track, CRM is important in building and managing effective customer relations with business. TIQ has in-depth expertise in developing ERP and CRM applications that serve as a strong base for a business to thrive upon.

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