Managed Business Solutions

Reduce operational expenses by outsourcing managed business solutions with us.

TIQ helps fill in the organizational deficits by providing experienced and reliable professionals including wide array of marketing, sales and IT specialists. 



We deploy an award-winning talent- sourcing strategy that optimises cost and eliminates the knowledge gap between different industries. 


Our outsourcing external recruitment services establish a clear expectation and deliver measurable performance. We cover hiring, training, managing and reporting of qualified professionals who understand their set objectives, exceed their key performance indicators and grow their key responsibility areas. 

Our Managed Business Solutions Helps you to address the following roles

Sales Development

We will help you find the ideal resource for business development roles which helps you close deals quickly and increase your revenue.

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Human Resources

Our experienced HR professionals act as a single point of contact for your potential employees and work closely with the management to attract and sustain talent. 

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Content Writer

Struggling to develop and manage content? Our industry specific content specialists will create interactive content that not only increases visibility but also achieve your branding goals.

TIQ provides experienced professionals that act as a connecting link between your desired outsourcing agency and your organizational targets. Consider M.C. as your SPOC for successfully running multiple campaigns while communicating a strong brand message. 

IT professionals help you in your day-to-day activities such as maintenance and recovery. Hire TIQ verified trusted professionals that can solve your IT-related problems both onshore and offshore. 

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Looking for a Tellecaller or a team? TIQ can provide you with sector-specific callers that boost your pipeline and convey the desired message in customer-friendly reporting.

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