Online Security

Online Security and Network Performance Services

Companies need online security and network performance services to be successful, which is not only capable of securing business data but also protecting users and devices from malware attacks and more, while also ensuring that apps operate quickly and seamlessly.

Common IT Challenges

✦ Network Trust and Malware

✦ Secure Application Access

✦ Complexity and IT Resources 

24/7 Cyber Threat Hunting

24/7 threat hunting

Fully Managed Service Provider

Fully-managed Service

Simplifies IT process

Simplifies IT process

Multi-Factor Authentication Icon

Multi-factor Authentication

Online Security and Network Performance

Online Security and Network Performance

In todays era , the workforce is constantly on the go therefore , businesses are adopting a “verify, then trust”. This method is the key aspect of Online Security . Accessing application from various devices beyond companies perimeter is not only needs less data but also is quite easy. As a result ,once that was considered safe and secure are now at the  growing risk of disclosure. Moreover, exposing many enterprises to data breaches, escalation of malware and attack on websites.

Hire TIQ for your Online Security Duty , we guard you against all risks and attack.

Pop-up Notification


We notify you about the security errors and furthermore, provide details to help you with prioritization and response.

Teamwork Collaboration


 Our work responds and detects to possible breaches . Therefore, we work with your internal as well as external teams.

Authorization & Access


 Handling containment as well as neutralization actions. Also, we inform you of the actions taken.

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