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New Digital Sales Falling Flat?

You’re not alone. 80% of all new products miss their sales targets.

We can help you beat the odds. Benefit from a Rolling Monthly Agreement - keeping you in control


You Decide, We Develop. Accelerating your Growth engine from Neutral.

Most B2B companies are stuck or suffering from managing #channel spikes. From chaos to omnichannel equilibrium we will help you achieve THE GREAT RE-BALANCING.


Consultants! Not Really, you can call us the REAL Journey Partners!

Consultants can give advice and strategies mostly, they might not be able to deliver output against your SMART goals. We go hands-on along with your team as we have effective cross-functional leaders with experience at companies of all sizes.


After the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses cautiously reopened — and more consumers left the house — some businesses saw slumps in the virtual engagement and online traffic they’d recently relied on. Companies need to rely on FIRST PARTY DATA! Not just that they also need to have meaningful recommendations based on that data.


The AGE OLD Marketing Funnel creations are OUTDATED!!

Marketing Flywheels Model needs to be adopted!

Customers were an afterthought in a marketing funnel. Also, the sales and marketing team considered them obsolete once they became a paying customer.

Flywheel places the customer in the center through CRM, CDP, and other data tools. LTV of a customer is really important!

TIQ Marketing Flywheel concept

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Business Growth Premium

Growth package for a forward-thinking, high-growth service company wishing to upgrade to marketing and scale and accelerate its current online efforts with bigger volumes of content and campaigns to enhance brand awareness, quality lead creation, and audience education.

With the Business Growth Premium you also get a few Surprises!!

Surprise - 1

2 months subscription of our CRM worth $20!

Surprise - 2
The latest GA4 implementation for your NEW website entity!
Surprise - 3

The Top 100 lucky winners get a chance to win a cloud-based enterprise level CRM and groupware tools like projects, calendars, file collaboration.

Surprise - 4

Participate today and get your 3 month’s pass to an Accounting System for small companies!

US$ 10 MN+

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Growth Wheel

The growth wheel paves the basic foundation for an organization to grow in a structured and measurable way. 


The 5 stages are:

  1. Define Opportunity – This phase starts the cycle of growth where problems, objectives, opportunities are defined 
  2. Review Insights – of the market, our customers, brand identity and numbers
  3. Planning – for the target market, strategy definition, our positioning and the definition of core idea
  4. Implementation – of tactics, creation of content and creative, and align technical aspects to support it
  5. Review and Improve – the KPIs and process to better align with all the previous stages.

The wheel overlaps the fundamental goals of our marketing framework:

  1. Reach – Visitors & Fans
  2. Act – interactions & shares
  3. Convert – Sales & Leads
  4. Engage – Referrals & Repeat

Our Clients

We love our Clients. They are the engine behind our agency

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Do you need more information? No problem! Ask us anything

During the onboarding process, we give a comprehensive online project and campaign management system that outlines all the information we require from you as our partner client.

First and foremost, we require your signature confirming your acceptance of our code of conduct, which outlines both your obligations to us and ours to you.

Full cooperation and a partnership/respectful relationship are in place when the best results are created.

You may be sure that as a fully accredited growth partner, top-notch, best practise policies are being implemented by qualified, experienced staff.

Prior to distribution to you for final review, approval, and comment, a completely compliant Quality Control process is implemented internally.

Without your electronic consent, no campaign is released.

Before campaigns are put into production, we promise that they will be provided to your complete satisfaction and in accordance with the campaign and content strategy that was previously agreed upon.

Yes, but there are fair use guidelines and your requests must adhere to our code of conduct.

In each monthly period, your campaigns benefit from our unlimited strategy, design and build, launch management. 

Your campaign constraints are in the amount of material and campaigns you choose, which determines the price you pay each month

Absolutely no issue; we can collaborate with your marketing team if you have one.

In order to ensure that all campaigns are managed in accordance with the activities of your internal team, we set roles and duties as part of your onboarding plan.

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