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The IAB releases its new standard ads portfolio with multi-screen sizing

01 Aug

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has released the final version of new standard ad units that incorporate the industry group’s LEAN guidelines for lightweight ads as well as the Coalition for Better Ads’ set of ad guidelines developed in response to the use of ad blockers.

Developed by the IAB Tech Lab, the ads are based on HTML5 technology and designed to be flexible, with sizing based on aspect ratio rather than a fixed pixel sizes in order to accommodate various screen sizes. Units are designated with maximum height and width parameters.

The formats encompass mobile, display and native. There are also guidelines for newer experiences such as ads in augmented reality and virtual reality, 360-degree video ads, and emjoi ad messaging.

“The updated ad portfolio embraces flexibility and innovation,” said Anthony Yam, Chief Product Officer, Spongecell, and Co-Chair of the IAB Tech Lab Flex Ads Working Group. “Developing this next generation of ads was a complex endeavor, combining ideas from a vast group of contributors. I believe that we’ve created a portfolio that hits all of the marks, enabling beautiful, scalable and respectful advertising that will resonate with today’s consumers across all of their devices.”

The new ad portfolio replaces all other creative display guidelines for desktop and mobile previously issued by the IAB.

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