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05 Feb

Grant Cardone & Tai Lopez: How To Sell $287,000 A Day & Own $700,000,000 In Real Estate

Grant Cardone came by today to bring some of his characteristic fire and educate you on how to make money. If you’re at all interested in sales or real estate, you probably know Grant’s name, and today we’re talking about why sales is essential to success in every area of

06 Oct

3 Step Content Marketing Strategy For Automotive Dealers – Car Sales

3 Step Content Marketing Strategy For Automotive Dealers. Selling more cars with content marketing. http://www.thedealerplaybook.com/51 Episode 51! In the past few sessions we have had some super guests discussing some insanely valuable strategies and tactics. In episode 49 “The Sales Lion” Marcus Sheridan said we need to be the “Wikipedia”