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09 Feb

ING – Why use Polymer?

Global finance institute, ING builds beautiful experiences for its customers using Web Components. Check out the live stream on Day 1 of the Polymer Developer Summit 2017, Copenhagen: For more information on Poymer resources, please visit: Subscribe to the channel: source

18 Jan

Polymer Developer Summit 2017 – Live Stream Day 2

Check out the live stream on Day 2 of the Polymer Developer Summit 2017, Copenhagen. Join us for two days of talks, codelabs, and breakout sessions from the Polymer team, Googlers, and major companies using Polymer and Web Components. Music by Terra Monk: source

06 Dec

Polymer @ YouTube (Polymer Summit 2017)

Over one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube daily, and the desktop YouTube site is built using Polymer. That brings with it some unique constraints and scalability challenges. The YouTube site is comprised of over 400 web components, developed by dozens of teams. In this video, YouTube Software

25 Nov

Opening Remarks (Polymer Summit 2017)

What has the Polymer team been working on since the release of Polymer 2.0, and where are we headed next? Wendy gives an overview of the current state of the Polymer Project and what to expect in the months ahead. Check out the rest of the Polymer Summit session videos

21 Nov

Designing a Design System for Modular Modules, and Building a Team to Build it (Polymer Summit 2017)

Web Components provide new ways for teams to build cool things, but it can be a challenge to get all those cool things to play together nicely. How do you organize and document a coherent ecosystem of modules that truly work well together, and how do you build an effective

11 Nov

Polymer Team Panel (Polymer Summit 2017)

In this video, the Polymer team members engage in a roundtable Q&A on the past, present, and future of the Polymer Project, Web Components, and beyond. Ask questions live or with the hashtag #AskPolymer! Check out the rest of the Polymer Summit session videos here: Subscribe to the Google Chrome

27 Oct

Web Components for CMS (Polymer Summit 2017)

The classic monolithic CMS isn’t keeping up with the modern web. Decoupled and headless CMS’s have emerged and are looking to address these issues – but what about componentized content? Can web components help make a better content experience? This video looks at the current state of content management, and