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18 Sep

Marketing Communications:Forms of communication

From one way communication to multiple source of communication, the message can be suffering of “noise” and be lost or distorted along the way. More videos http://www.oxlearn.com source

18 Sep

Intro to Marketing Communications

http://marketing-strategy-management.com At its core, marketing communications is about understanding the basic concepts associated with communications. This video is an introduction to that subject. source

06 Sep

Master of Marketing and Communications – an introduction from our staff

Academics and industry representatives associated with the Master of Marketing Communications explain what it is all about and why the program is so unique. source

28 Aug

Marketing communications : the constituent tools

Learn more @ http://www.oxlearn.com Marketing communications mix :Sales promotion, advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling by Chris Fill. For book on Marketing Communication please http://bit.ly/b92Fx2 Digital Marketing Management for Social Media Managers – Udemy Course http://bit.ly/199BEvR source

07 Aug

The Integrated Marketing Communications of Coca-Cola Freestyle

WVU IMC Graduate and Global Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Freestyle, Scott Cuppari, talks about Integrated Marketing Communications at the PRSSA 2015 National Conference. source

23 Jul

Marketing communications: The scope

Learn more from Http://www.oxlearn.com Understand the difference between audience and market. Learn the importance of your stakeholders. More videos Digital Marketing Management for Social Media Managers – Udemy Course http://bit.ly/199BynX source