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09 Feb

ING – Why use Polymer?

Global finance institute, ING builds beautiful experiences for its customers using Web Components. Check out the live stream on Day 1 of the Polymer Developer Summit 2017, Copenhagen: For more information on Poymer resources, please visit: Subscribe to the channel: source

25 Dec

Totally Tooling Tips: Webpack Tips

Learn how to keep your Webpack JavaScript bundles as small as possible in this new episode with Matt and Addy. They cover code-snippets for ensuring you’re minifying and splitting up your bundles efficiently. Webpack for Real Tasks: Decreasing Front-End Size and Improving Caching: Getting the Most out of CommonsChunkPlugin: Vendor

02 Nov

Async-Await: Micro Tip #13 – Supercharged

Mat shows you a small mistake that can sneak into your code when using async/await and how to fix it! If you have questions or suggestions, hit us up on Twitter! Surma: Mat: Watch more episodes of Supercharged here: Subscribe to the Chrome Developers channel at source