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09 Feb

ING – Why use Polymer?

Global finance institute, ING builds beautiful experiences for its customers using Web Components. Check out the live stream on Day 1 of the Polymer Developer Summit 2017, Copenhagen: For more information on Poymer resources, please visit: Subscribe to the channel: source

25 Dec

Totally Tooling Tips: Webpack Tips

Learn how to keep your Webpack JavaScript bundles as small as possible in this new episode with Matt and Addy. They cover code-snippets for ensuring you’re minifying and splitting up your bundles efficiently. Webpack for Real Tasks: Decreasing Front-End Size and Improving Caching: Getting the Most out of CommonsChunkPlugin: Vendor

26 Sep

Best TVs under $1000

SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS http://bit.ly/DTYouTubeSub Not that long ago, you had to play a balancing game between screen size and picture quality. Now, you can get great 4K HDR picture, with great screen size, without breaking the bank. Here’s our list of Best TVs under $1000. Our first TV