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29 Jan

Bringing Your Music Vision To Life Like Tugaloo Blue

Tugaloo Blue isn’t a huge artist yet but he’s overcame quite a few hurdles a lot of artists face early on (like building a team and getting his first fans). In the video, BrandMan Sean covers how Tugaloo Blue brought his ambition idea for a project to life and hit

18 Sep

Marketing Communications:Forms of communication

From one way communication to multiple source of communication, the message can be suffering of “noise” and be lost or distorted along the way. More videos http://www.oxlearn.com source

28 Aug

Getting Started In Graphic Design

What if? We all suffer from doubt when starting out in graphic design. Should I embrace who I am? This is the question one creative and design entrepreneur kept asking himself. Top Tier Design Consultant Chris Do shares his design & business knowledge with Ted Bettridge – A young designer

27 Aug

Philosophy of Marketing Management

To get more such innovative knowledge on management studies develop, join WeSchool PGDM-DLP Program: http://bit.ly/Y1BAo6 Prof. Biz welcomes you to the discussion on ‘Marketing Management – Part 2’ In this part, we will try to understand the concept that a successful formula does not work lifelong and the marketer has

05 Aug

What is Integrated Marketing?

To learn more about integrated marketing for SMEs please get in touch: http://tribuscreative.com In this video we offer a short introduction to the principle of integrated marketing. By implementing a considered strategy and cost-effective marketing mix, small to medium sized businesses can reach new markets, win customers, make more sales,

02 Aug

Marketing Management Lectures

Clear your marketing management basic concepts through this video Lecture on Introduction to Marketing Management : http://bit.ly/Y1BAo6 In this part, we will get an overview on marketing and various concepts related to marketing in the real world. We will also discuss about the relation of need & want and how

29 Jul

12 Trends in Web Design for Designers and Entrepreneurs

Capitalizing on trends in design and business is a great way to assure your success. In this video, I’ll describe and illustrate 12 Trends in Web Design for 2017. Join me in exploring the ways you can use these trends to build your brand! FREE DOWNLOAD: “9 DESIGN ELEMENTS YOUR