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SEO Quake Demo for On Page Search Engine Optimization, Niche Site Content, and Competition Analysis

18 Oct

SEO Quake is a FREE tool that allows you to analyse your competitors SEO in detail. You can download it on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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There are many things you can do with the tool, and we’re going to do through some of the details using an example from the Sweet Home

Before we get into it if you’d like to see the tear down of the Sweet Home where I take a look at how the site is set up check out the link below

Page Info
First off with SEO Quake we can click “Page Info” and see it brings up the info for the page we’re looking at. For example

Meta Keyword
Meta Description
Internal Links
External Links

It also gives some parameters around page data enabling you to see how many social shares the page has.

It also gives the social backlinks for the entire site

Page SEO Audit
Perhaps you’re an SEO consultant?

If you are you could use this tool to quickly audit a page.

If you were working with a client, you could very tell them stuff that’s helpful to improve the on-page SEO.

This tool would also be useful if you were training up a VA, as it would be possible for them to go through your site and pick up certain red flags.

E.g For the example we’re using SEO quake shows that there are 25 images without Alt tags. So you could go and fill in these, and that would be an easy win.

Internal Links.
This is a good section to view and ensure that you’re linking to enough other pages on your site

External Links.
This is a good section to check to make sure that you’re linking out to enough sites. If you’re doing it well the sites, you link out to will be high quality and relevant to the topic that your blog post is discussing.

Keyword Density.
This is the most interesting section to analyse. First off it gives you the word count. For example, the Sweet Home’s article for the “Best Hybrid Bike” is close to 10,000 words. So you know that if you were interested in building a competing page, you would have to do something similar if not more.

So if you’ve made a page that is ranking 20th for a keyword, you won’t be getting any traffic, but you’re in striking distance of the top spot.

This is when you need to go and analyze the competition in the SERPs. If you’re ranking 20th with 4,000 words and your competition is in the top spot with 10,000 words. You need to up your game. To get to the top spot, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to have around 12,000 words to get there.

Analyzing the keyword density is interesting because it shows you that you would need to create a similar profile if you wanted a position near the top of the SERPs. Interestingly the Sweet Home which is ranking number one for the term “Best Hybrid Bike” only has that mentioned twice in their 10,000-word article.

Overall this tool is an excellent way to spy on what your competition is doing and helps guide your actions based on the results you find.



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