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How to sell SEO services to local business – SEO sales software

23 Jul

Check out this simple SEO sales tool that will help you sell SEO services to local business with just the click of a button. http://bit.ly/ScopeLeadSoftware

It can be difficult to sell SEO services to local businesses through cold calls and cold emails. Yet, not every seo agency has a steady pipeline of warm leads!

Often times, we are forced to reach out to local businesses without any previous contact.

Scraping the web for names, emails, and phone numbers is extremely boring, takes for ever, and is not a good use our time to begin with.

However, email outreach can be effective if done in large numbers. That’s why my SEO agency has decided to use scopeleads as a web scraper to find local businesses to market to.

This software allows you to do countless hours of web research in the matter of seconds. This way, you can focus on what really matters… making sales!

Once again, if you didn’t see it before, here is the link to start using scope leads today. http://bit.ly/ScopeLeadSoftware



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