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Effective Marketing Communication

27 Jul

You are trying to become a marketer when you are presenting information about your beliefs or the way that you believe something should be done and you are trying to convince someone to buy in to your idea of how something should be done. So anytime that you are communicating you are doing marketing. You are trying to sell your information, you try to sell your message or ideas, beliefs, etc. to convince the other person that what you have has value and that they need to buy in to the ideas that you are trying to present to them.

You have to sell your information. It’s not enough to think in terms of just delivering the information. It has to be sold. You have to get the other person to buy in to it. You have to ensure that they believe that your information is the correct information and perhaps if it’s contrary to their viewpoint, that you have sold them that yours is better than their current thinking.

When you’re thinking of terms of presenting a message and you want to sell it, it needs to be presented in a manner that is going to show the benefits for that individual.

This video will explain the connection between a marketing message and you effectively communicating.

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