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Martech Column

09 Feb

Does trust matter more than growth? Salesforce’s Benioff thinks so.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that for those of us marketing, selling or consuming SaaS technology (i.e., just about everyone), Salesforce founder Marc Benioff is a pretty important guy. As the Godfather of the subscription model, he’s a symbol of rapid scale and arguably the catalyst for

01 Feb

3 tips to make every martech implementation a success

Technology in marketing abounds. Marketers use tools to send emails, track customer and prospect engagement and save preference information for future use. But with the growth of technology in marketing come the challenges of martech implementations. Marketers are constantly installing new solutions that will help them work smarter and reach

25 Jan

With push notifications, there’s always room for improvement

Congratulations, mobile marketers. Your valiant efforts at improving the value of push notifications have paid off. New consumer research tells us that push notifications have greatly improved over the last few years. In fact, more than half of respondents in a recent survey conducted by my employer, Localytics, agreed. We’ve

07 Dec

Here’s what marketers really want for Christmas: 3 tips for building …

Be honest, what is it that you really want for Christmas? It’s a more effective marketing operation, right? One in which you can make quick, informed decisions based on data. Let this be your year. Marketers are drowning in spreadsheets, especially marketers who are overseeing performance campaigns. Even those who

21 Nov

5 best practices for transforming the customer journey through analyt…

In this data-driven age, marketers can no longer afford to be analytics-agnostic. Without analytical sensibility, data-driven insights are hard to come by. The most successful marketers are agile in their approach and use analytics to drive core business KPIs. Even the marketers with non-analytical background are building their analytical acumen

19 Oct

Better insights provide real inroads for breakthrough ROI

Until I discovered the battery-sucking genius of Waze, my daily Connecticut commute was hell. Now, thanks to its ingenious crowd-sourcing approach, Waze always finds the best route. Better navigation calms me down; it lets me think while I drive, and that makes my day more productive right from the start. Better

03 Oct

Fraudsters don’t sleep, no matter who owns the tools to fight them

The ad tech space is consolidating. Fueled by competitive pressure from the likes of Facebook and Google, independent point solutions are being swept up into larger streamlined offerings that can compete with the tech giants in providing quality inventory at scale. While evidence of this trend can be found in

28 Sep

Are your TV analytics just ‘good enough?’ 8 signs it’s time for an up…

It’s no secret that TV — and therefore TV advertising — has evolved dramatically in the last 10 years. Consumers are cutting the cord. They’re watching TV online, on their phones or on their laptops, and it no longer happens in isolation. TV has become part of a holistic experience