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10 Feb

IAB’s first publication on blockchain in advertising paints an optimi…

In a sign that blockchain is picking up steam as a solution to some of digital advertising’s biggest problems, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released this week its first publication on the topic. The white paper, “Blockchain for Video Advertising: A Market Snapshot of Publisher & Buyer Uses Cases,” surveys

07 Feb

Quora adds more contextual & behavioral ad-targeting options

Quora launched its ad platform in 2017 with topic targeting. Now, the question-and-answer network is expanding its ad targeting offerings. Quora announced Monday more options for behavioral and contextual targeting to either narrow or widen audience targets. Behavioral (people-based) targeting Last summer, Quora introduced website retargeting to the platform. Now it’s

03 Feb

With 54% of comScore 1000 publishers adopting ads.txt, OpenX says it …

New numbers from ad exchange OpenX further point to deepening adoption of ads.txt and changing programmatic practices. OpenX reports that 54 percent of the comScore 1000 had implemented ads.txt on their sites by mid-January. That’s up from 7 percent in August, when ads.txt adoption was slow to scale. The analysis by

19 Dec

AI marketing and the journey through the uncanny valley

“Things usually get worse before they get better.” “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Whether it’s the valley of the shadow of death in the 23rd Psalm or the Dangerous Trench on the way to Shell City in the Sponge Bob movie, we’re used to the concept of feeling that

01 Dec

Here’s a case of huge inventory fraud that ads.txt could vanquish

A recently discovered inventory fraud is a massive lesson in why publishers should adopt the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) ads.txt. initiative. Recently, Adform published a white paper describing how it discovered this “domain spoofing” fraud, which it called “one of the largest botnets to ever hit digital advertising” — about

22 Sep

Google announces new anti-fraud initiatives for DoubleClick Bid Manag…

The demand for greater transparency and coordinated efforts to eliminate fraud in the digital advertising supply chain has become a rallying cry across the industry. On Thursday, Google announced several measures it is taking to address concerns of media buyers using its demand-side platform, DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). The initiatives break

08 Sep

Advertisers are ready to get ‘aggressive’ about enforcing Ads.txt ado…

Ad buyers are dissatisfied with publishers’ slower-than-expected adoption of the industry’s anti-fraud initiative, Ads.txt. Now they are nearing an ultimatum: Publishers need to upload a public list of their programmatic sellers and resellers, or they will be left out of brands’ programmatic ad buys. “Some advertisers care a lot about

06 Sep

LinkedIn opens new ad network to sell Sponsored Content ads on others…

LinkedIn is resurrecting its ad network, but with a twist. A year and a half after LinkedIn decided to stop syndicating brands’ ads to other publishers’ sites, the Microsoft-owned company is rolling out a new ad network called LinkedIn Audience Network. At its core, LinkedIn’s new ad network is like

02 Sep

The Trade Desk & White Ops team up on digital ad fraud

Demand-side platform The Trade Desk and ad fraud detection service White Ops announced a new partnership Thursday to tackle ad fraud across every impression that comes through The Trade Desk’s platform. While advertisers have had access to various pre-bid and post-bid technology providers on The Trade Desk’s platform for years,

03 Aug

Mobile-location data turns out-of-home billboards into ‘digital channel’

One of the most unexpected aspects of mobile-location data and location analytics is how it has turned some traditional media channels into “digital channels” via digital measurement and attribution. This has happened with TV in isolated contexts but more broadly with out-of-home (OOH) media. Traditional billboard ad exposures can now