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09 Feb

Does trust matter more than growth? Salesforce’s Benioff thinks so.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that for those of us marketing, selling or consuming SaaS technology (i.e., just about everyone), Salesforce founder Marc Benioff is a pretty important guy. As the Godfather of the subscription model, he’s a symbol of rapid scale and arguably the catalyst for

01 Feb

3 tips to make every martech implementation a success

Technology in marketing abounds. Marketers use tools to send emails, track customer and prospect engagement and save preference information for future use. But with the growth of technology in marketing come the challenges of martech implementations. Marketers are constantly installing new solutions that will help them work smarter and reach

13 Dec

New report: Brands set budgets and expectations for GDPR compliance

A new study from Forrester supports the idea that brands doing business in Europe are making a concerted effort to comply with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the related ePrivacy Regulation. The report — “Embrace the GDPR to Gain a Competitive Edge” [registration required] — was commissioned

16 Nov

MarTech Landscape: What’s a smart contract?

Suppose you had a contractual agreement that understood its own terms, could track whether the terms were fulfilled and could send the required payment or product when the deal was finalized. That, essentially, is the idea behind a smart contract, one of the new ways of doing business that blockchain

19 Oct

Better insights provide real inroads for breakthrough ROI

Until I discovered the battery-sucking genius of Waze, my daily Connecticut commute was hell. Now, thanks to its ingenious crowd-sourcing approach, Waze always finds the best route. Better navigation calms me down; it lets me think while I drive, and that makes my day more productive right from the start. Better

08 Sep

Companies must pay more attention to how they manage their martech st…

Next month, Allocadia’s VP of marketing, Sam Melnick, and GE Digital’s VP of marketing operations, Neenu Sharma, will take the stage at the MarTech Conference in Boston. The two will cover how GE Digital uses Allocadia’s marketing management platform to to manage marketing budgets and set up a standard taxonomy

29 Aug

CabinetM CEO says companies do not have a handle on their marketing technology stacks

In 2014, after watching a number of companies with access to great technology still struggle to align their martech stacks with their their business objectives, Anita Brearton and her business partner, Sheryl Schultz, founded the marketing technology management platform, CabinetM. “We had this huge explosion of new technology in the

27 Aug

As EU’s GDPR nears, RSA’s CMO warns of security threats within martech infrastructures

Between the multitudes of consumer data now collected daily by marketing organizations around the world and the EU’s coming enforcement of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cybersecurity has never been more of a priority for CMOs. As the lead marketer for RSA, Holly Rollo has a unique perspective on