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10 Feb

IAB’s first publication on blockchain in advertising paints an optimi…

In a sign that blockchain is picking up steam as a solution to some of digital advertising’s biggest problems, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released this week its first publication on the topic. The white paper, “Blockchain for Video Advertising: A Market Snapshot of Publisher & Buyer Uses Cases,” surveys

11 Jan

New report: The Internet of Things and blockchain tech are made for e…

A new report from research firm Kaleido Insights proposes that two of hottest new technologies — The Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain — would make a really hot couple. In IoT, wirelessly connected sensors are embedded in almost everything — refrigerators, auto parts, dog collars, perhaps even cereal boxes.

16 Nov

MarTech Landscape: What’s a smart contract?

Suppose you had a contractual agreement that understood its own terms, could track whether the terms were fulfilled and could send the required payment or product when the deal was finalized. That, essentially, is the idea behind a smart contract, one of the new ways of doing business that blockchain